Gregg M.

Gregg Marks

Gregg Marks is a multi-faceted range of talent with over 30 year experience as a Director, Editor, Cameraman, Audio Engineer and Music Producer. He is an expert in Post Production work, Color Correction, Sound Mixing, Mastering with a range of Industry Standard programs (Final Cut, AVID, Premiere).

Gregg aims to bring his experience to others with film, photography, music and many random acts of kindness and love. His purpose in this lifetime is to inspire the world to restore a truly humane way of living and treating all beings. To open our eyes and our hearts again. To change how we live and love.

​Gregg was born in Medford, Massachusetts in 1965.​ He started playing music at the age of six. By the age of fifteen, ​he​ was a professional musician and producer, it was then that ​he also discovered ​his passion for photography​ and Videography.

​He moved to NYC in 1988 to pursue music, art, film and philanthropy.
​He currently live​s​ and thrive​s​ in San Francisco, California.